Star Wars: The Force Awakens Sunday Buzz: Box Office, Fun Vids & More

bb8-star-wars-smallThe Force is strong within the box office worldwide, though in the UK the new Star Wars film could struggle to break one record thanks to Bond playing by new rules earlier in the year. Here are all the details plus more Star Wars-related gubbins in a special Buzz Sunday round-up…


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has, as expected, debuted in North America with a record breaking box-office bow, setting new highs for both an opening day and a Friday with takings of $120.5 million. It has also now passed $250 million in three days on the world stage toppling local records everywhere as it goes.

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Box office pundits in the States reckon The Force Awakens could make as much as $240 million-$245 million by the end of the weekend in North America. Disney is playing it safe and predicting $220 million. Either way that comfortably beats the previous record holder, Jurassic World, which pulled in $208.8 million,

Early estimates for Saturday suggest that The Force Awakens made $60 million for the day which is actually less than Jurassic World’s first Saturday take ($69.6 million) but the dino-blockbuster didn’t have Christmas shopping to deal with. On the other hand, Christmas blockbusters tend to have legs, and continue to perform well for longer.

Jurassic World had another advantage over The Force Awakens when it comes to the big numbers globally; it opened in the world’s second biggest movie market, China, at the same time as its US debut, while The Force Awakens doesn’t open there until 9 January. Even taking that into consideration The Force Awakens still has a chance of beating Jurassic World’s $524.9 million record for global first week box office.

Outside of North America The Force Awakens broke records for the biggest single day and biggest opening day box office in the UK ($14.4 million) and Germany ($7.1 million) and the record for the top opening day in Australia ($6.8 million).

The UK also leads so far for the two-day totals ($24.7 million), followed by Germany ($12.7 million), France ($11.1 million), Australia ($10.4 million) and Mexico ($5.7 million).

But The Force Awakens will probably miss out on the biggest UK opening weekend ever, because SPECTRE cheated earlier in the year, opening on a Monday, thus having a full seven days of box office to put towards its first “weekend” making SPECTRE’s official opening “weekend” figure $61.5 million. Both films also benefitted from some chains raising their ticket prices by up to £2. Cheeky buggers.

The Force Awakens currently has a 95 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, though you wouldn’t believe that reading some fan sites where they’re whinging about everything

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••• Seems like the astronauts on the ISS, including Tim Peake, won’t be missing out on all the Force Awakens fun…

••• Here’s a Darth Vader Yule log that you can watch burning on your hearth… erm, TV screen for five hours.

••• John Boyega has gone Instagram crazy. He’s posted three vids of himself surprising fans by turning up at various screenings of The Force Awakens in New York (none of which, to his credit, took place at swanky posh cinemas, just regular ones) plus other fun!  

Today I did surprise pop ups for opening night audiences in NYC! Had an amazing time meeting you all and again thank you for all the support. Thank you REGAL UNION SQUARE STADIUM , AMC LOEWS WEST 34TH STREET 14, AMC LOEWS LINCOLN SQUARE, UNITED ARTISTS COURT STREET AND WILLIAMSBURG CINEMAS A video posted by @john_boyega on

The force is strong with New York

A video posted by @john_boyega on

Amazing energy from Brooklyn fans! I did random pop ups so they had no idea! Some pop ups before the film and some after the film. Love it ! A video posted by @john_boyega on


A photo posted by @john_boyega on

😂😂😂😂 A video posted by @john_boyega on


Breaking news! It’s still out! A video posted by @john_boyega on


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