Jurassic Producer Congratulates Force Awakens: A Brief History Of Hollywood Backslapping


The revised figures are in, and after a far (far, far and away) better Sunday performance than any industry experts predicted, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has now officially broken the global box office record for the biggest movie opening weekend ever. It beat Jurassic World without even needing the Chinese market to do so.

The movie’s worldwide debut is now estimated at $529 million, ahead of Jurassic World’s $524 million globally. And thanks to a record Sunday in North America, The Force Awakens’ domestic weekend tally will end up at $248 million. The previous best North American Sunday belonged to Jurassic World with $57.2 million while The Force Awakens sailed past that with $60.5 million. In the UK The Force Awakens notched up $50 million in four days; this is the biggest four-day tally ever in this country and the biggest opening ever if you disqualify SPECTRE for cheating by opening on a Monday and thus having seven days instead of four to count towards its first “weekend”.

All of which resulted in Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall Tweeting a congratulatory message…

This follows Marvel movie boss Kevin Feige Tweeting a message to the Jurassic World team earlier this year congratulating them for beating The Avengers record for the most successful opening weekend of all time.

But as The Hollywood Reporter points out, this kind of Hollywood backslapping is nothing new. Check out this pre-social media, pre-internet, good old fashioned snail mail note of congratulations from Steven Spielberg to George Lucas.


While George Lucas got in on the act when James Cameron’s Titanic dethroned Star Wars.



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