Star Wars: The Force Awakens Breaks $1 Billion Global Box Office In 12 Days

Star Wars has trashed the dinosaurs once again, breaking yet another major box office record. This time The Force Awakens has become the fastest film to reach a global box office gross of $1 billion, which it managed in just 12 days, one day faster than Jurassic World.


For the Christmas weekend, The Force Awakens is estimated to have pulled in $153.5 million in North America and $133.3 million in the rest of the world, bringing its total to around $1.09 billion. That’s a second weekend that’s more lucrative than all but nine of the biggest opening weekends of all-times.

Of course, these are just estimates at the moment, but as various internet pundits are pointing out, estimated figures for weekend box office are rarely revised downwards; the official figures tend to go up. And if The Force Awakens’ first weekend’s estimate/official tally is anything to go by, the numbers could go up considerably. So while Disney is currently claiming that The Force Awakens crossed the billion dollar barrier on day 12 (Sunday) we wouldn’t bet against that being revised to Day 11 (Saturday)… though it’s unlikely.

And, as we keep adding to these Star Wars box office stories, it’s all been achieved without the aid of  China, the second biggest movie market in the world, where the film doesn’t open until next month.

Also, The Force Awakens broke the record for biggest Christmas Day box office in North America, with $49.3 million.

The only meaningful record yet to break is Avatar’s.


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