Watch The Full Trailer For Houdini & Doyle

You may have seen the ITV Encore trailer for Houdini & Doyle, starring Stephen Mangan (Dirk Gently) as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Michael Weston (House) as Harry Houdini and wondered what that was all about. Well below is the longer trailer that ITV released a couple of weeks back with little fanfare which is why we hadn’t noticed it before (we weren’t alone) that reveals a little more. What it doesn’t tell you is that the series is being exec produced by David Shore who created House, which puts it on a whole new level completely.


Houdini & Doyle has been filmed mainly in the UK and partly in Canada (it’s a Canadian co-production) and is described as a police procedural with a difference. It’s also a little bit like a period X-Files, with Doyle keen to believe in the supernatural and Houdini out to debunk everything.

And while the show plays fast and loose with the chronology, Houdini and Doyle were acquainted in real life, brought together by their interest in mediums. Houdini actually performed as a medium for a while before deciding to out them all as fakes, while Doyle was hoping to find proof that he would be reunited with his dying wife on the “other side”.


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