Orphan Black: Pics & Video Tease New Sheepish Clone

Canadian channel Space has released a new trailer teasing a sheepish new clone called MK for Tatiana Maslany to play in season four of Orphan Black. Meanwhile Entertainment Weekly has posted a couple of new pics of the character too.

According the Entertainment Weekly, MK is mysterious and secretive. She has information that could prove incredibly useful to the other Sarah-clones, but they’ll have to convince her to come out of the shadows first. “She’s very security conscious,” says co-creator John Fawcett. “She knows more than Sarah does so she knows how dangerous the whole thing is. She’s purposefully avoided contact with the sisters to keep herself safe, and Sarah is now trying to draw her out of the shadows and trying to utilise the information that she has so that Sarah can follow her own mystery and fill in the blanks and protect Alison and protect Cosima from Neolution. But this girl is very unwilling.”




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