Guardians Of The Gallery: Star Wars Cats, Game Of Green Peace, Bat-Coyote & More

A brief New Year’s edition of BUZZ’s weekly round-up of the oddest, silliest and best images and vids that have been creating waves on the internet over the past week. Star Wars is still in the ascendant.


••• Griz and Norm are a husband and wife team of animators and artists whose days jobs are with Disney. They’re also both great cat lovers which no doubt explains feline Star Wars fusion. You can see more of their work here, but if they’re doing request, we’d love to see Grand Mog Tarkin…

Star Wars Cats 1

Star Wars Cats 2

Star Wars Cats 3

Star Wars Cats 4

Star Wars Cats 5


••• A man dressed as a coyote dressed as Batman catches a bat at a San Antonio Spurs basketball match over the Christmas holidays. Blimey, who knew sports mascots had to multitask?


••• Got a year and 7,500 pieces of LEGO handy? Then you could duplicate Hannes Tscharner’s efforts and recreate this three-foot long, 22 pounds LEGO Millennium Falcon. That’s over 6,000 pieces more than official LEGO Millennium Falcon and 1,500 pieces more than the £4,000 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon. See more of this magnificent creation here.



Falcon 4


••• We thought this gingerbread Darth Vader by caroline d eriksson was pretty impressive until…

A photo posted by Caroline Eriksson (@caroline.d.eriksson) on


…we saw this gingerbread Hogwarts on by Reddit user louisesiuol on Geeks Are Sexy.




••• The LEGO makeover of the Captain America: Civil War trailer. The tension’s building…


••• A Kylo Ren everyday hissyfits megamix.


••• Greenpeace creates an alternative vision of the future of Westeros…



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