BBC Three (or BBC2! as it appears to have been renamed) Moves Online Only In February

The BBC has confirmed that BBC Three will movie online-only on 16 February, alongside a reveal of the channel’s new logo which has instantly (and predictably) been the subject of much derision and piss-taking online.

_87469819_bbcthreelogoWe at first assumed it was a logo was for a new LGBT cricketing channel. Other people have suggested that it appears to say BBC2! in Roman numerals. Some have pointed out to the similarity it has with the logo that the marketing team came up with on the BBC’s own spoof show W1A in which the BBC logo was replaced by three bars.

 “Some people are resistant to change and we wanted to be bold and create something that looks forward and will be around for years to come,” said BBC Three’s head of marketing, Nikki Carr before going on the sound exactly like Jessica Hynes’ character in W1A. She explains that the three bars were chosen because the new channel is founded on three principles which underpin everything it does: “The first is ‘make me think’… The second is ‘make me laugh’… The third, the exclamation mark, is ‘give me a voice’, which is what we will do for young people.”

Content will range from short films, blogs and animation, to picture-led stories and will be delivered daily. The channel’s long-form programmes will eventually be shown on BBC One and Two, probably accounting for around two hours a week. This will presumably include the Doctor Who spin-off, Class.



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