Another Former Supergirl Lands A Role In New Supergirl

The new Supergirl series is enlisting the help of a former Supergirl in the form of Laura Vandervoort who played a version of Superman’s cousin from Krypton in Smallville.


Laura Vandervoort in Smallville

Vandervoort will be playing a recurring character called Indigo, a strong-willed, living supercomputer which was sentenced to Fort Rozz after turning against the people of Krypton. Unfortunately for us, she’s now on Earth, and nothing will stand in her way. She will make her debut in episode 15 of the series.

The news was announced at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour visit to the show’s LA set, where CBS also revealed that another DC Comics character, Master Jailer, was also being introduced to the show as a recurring characte, played by Jeff Branson (The Young And The Restless). Master Jailer was the merciless and unrelenting jail guard at Fort Rozz who’s hellbent on catching all of the Fort Rozz escapees and brutally bringing them to justice. His first appearance will be in episode 14.

CBS’s Supergirl is almost becoming a retirement home for former Supergirls; Helen Slater from the Supergirl movie has also appeared as Eliza Danvers.


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