BUZZ News Shorts: Wonder Woman, Fast & Furious Spin-Off, Fargo, X-Men & More

wonder-woman-carter••• Although rumours abound about Lynda Carter – who fought for our rights in her satin tights in the ’70s Wonder Woman TV show – making an appearance in the upcoming Wonder Wonder movie, Chris Pine picked his way through a double negative minefield to answer the question, “Well, is she?” in a recent E! Online interview. “If I could tell you that, I wouldn’t – but I can’t,” said Pine.

••• Eva Mendes (Ghost Rider, Hitch) is rumoured to be reprising her role as US Customs federal agent Monica Fuentes not only in Fast 8 but potentially in her own Fast & Furious spinoff movie, reckons We Got This Covered: “Mendes is being brought back because both Vin Diesel and director F Gary Gray want to test how she does with audiences as they’re thinking of giving her character, Monica Fuentes, a spin-off film.”

••• Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets star Cara Delevingne has shared a new video from the set of the new Luc Besson space opera on her Instagram account.

Watch this space #Valerian @valerianmovie

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••• THE NEXT BIT IS VERY SPOILERY IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN SEASON TWO OF FARGO! bSpeaking at the Television Critics Association winter tour, FX Productions CEO John Landgraf teased Fargo season three. “The third cycle will take place in 2010 so will be not quite contemporary but quite recent, the most recent in terms of time frame of any installment of Fargo including the movie.” Landgraf also had this to say about the notorious and much-discussed UFO incident: “I’ll let [showrunner] Noah Hawley answer the big spaceship question. I will say I think one of his points of view about what Fargo is, going back to the original movie, is that random acts of God or unexplained or extraordinary phenomenon, in essence our smallness in the face of the universe is a part of what Fargo is about. It rained fish from the sky and a couple characters were killed in the first season. I think he sees the aliens analogous to that.” And finally, a older version of an existing character could be returning: “As far as I know based on what Noah’s pitched so far, there’s one. That doesn’t mean he won’t change his mind. I can’t tell you who it is but there’s one.” [via /Film]

••• Additionally, Landgraf had this to say about the sixth season of American Horror Story: “It’s set in two time periods — in the present with echoes of the past — but principally in the present.” Which, when you think about it, pretty much describes season five too. [via Deadline]

y_the_last_man••• Oh hang on, he’s still going. Lanfgraf also mentioned that there’s been a lot of interest producers and writers wanting to be involved with FX’s TV version of Brian K Vaughn’s celebrated comic book series Y The Last Man. “There’s a kind of a scrum of interest in that. We’ve had a number of producers and writers who really want to participate in that.” [via Comic Book Resources]

••• And that’s still not all from the talkative FX boss. He also revealed that after the failure of Bastard Executioner, showrunner Kurt Sutter will be taking a break before returning to the world of his former success, with a spin-off from Sons Of Anarchy. [via Deadline]

••• X-Men movie producer Simon Kinberg answers fans’ questions about X-Men: Apocalypse in video form.




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