Terminator Salvation Director McG Is Frontrunner For Masters Of The Universe Movie

By the power of Grayskull (or more likely a the power of a really good agent) Terminator Salvation and Charlie’s Angels director McG is looking likely to have the power the bring Sony’s new Masters Of The Universe movie to the screen.


According to Deadline, McG – who has also been exec producer on numerous genre TV shows such as Chuck, Nikita, Shadowhunters and Supernatural – is close to signing a deal for the toy-line inspired live-action space opera that also spawned a much-loved (if cruddily animated) cartoon series in the ’80. The cartoon in turned spawned a Pavlovian reaction in anyone who ever saw it to boom, “By the power of Grayskull” any time they ever hear the phrase “Masters Of The Universe”.

The project has been bubbling away in development Hell for some years now, with Sony trying to figure out a way of rebooting the adventures of the He-Man – a prince called  Adam who transforms into a warrior – and his motley bunch of mates who battle the sinister skull-faced Skeletor in the realm of Eternia.

They would also, no doubt, like to wipe our collective memories of the campy 1987 Dolph Lungdren Masters Of The Universe film. That turkey also featured an early performance by Friends star Courteney Cox though sadly there are no embarrassing press stills of her in a dodgy sci-fi costume as silly-looking alien, because part of the film was set on present day Earth, so she was boringly normal. Why was part of it set on present day Earth? Because that made it cheaper to shoot, of course. As for any stry logic within film, well researching that would require watching the blimmin’ thing again and we value our sanity too much.

As for the reboot, the latest script is by Alex Litvak and Mike Finch (Predators). McG’s first chore would be to oversee a rewrite.


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