Labyrinth Remake In The Works

Just days after the death of David Bowie comes the news that the movie that featured his most notorious codpiece is set for a remake. That’s right, there’s a Labyrinth remake/reboot in the works from Tri-Star.


According to The Hollywood Reporter Guardians Of The Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman will be working on the script. Tri-Star recently struck a deal with Jim Henson Co which will allow them to produce a new film based on the property, though as yet it’s unclear whether it’ll be a remake or a sequel, though it seem unlikely it’ll feature Muppets, sadly. However, Lisa Henson of the Henson Co will act as executive producer.

The original film starred Jennifer Connelly as Sarah, a girl who has to enter a mystical maze fill of wonderful Henson creations to recover her baby brother who’s been kidnapped by the Goblin King. He was played by Bowie, the only man who can still look effortlessly cool in a Tina Tuner wig, who also supplied a set of songs for the films. Monty Python’s Terry Jones provided the script. It was a box office flop even though it was utterly brilliant and has since become a cult hit.

But who could be worthy of strapping on the fabled codpiece? Labyrinth with Muppets or Bowie? It hardly seems worth doing.



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