BUZZ News Shorts: Jessica Jones’s Luke Cage Tease, Wonder Woman, Animals & More

••• Okay, so this Tweet went up on the official Jessica Jones account: a file saying “Cage – Nov”. So is that confirmation that the Luke Cage Netflix series is going to premier in November (which seems a long time to wait for a show that’s been filming since September)? Or that Cage will be a major part in the second series of Jessica Jones. Presumably all will become clear soon.

••• Fox news US show Second Chance (née The Frankenstein Code and Lookinglass) has been shunted off to the Friday night graveyard slot after it opened to two weeks of not just poor but disastrous ratings. The series, which stars former EastEnder Rob Kazinsky as aged cop who’s resurrected as a superpowered young hunk, is apparently as rubbish as the concept sounds. [via]

••• Here’s a trailer for a new animated series called Animals from HBO that has cult hit written all over it. Weird and cute – how can it fail?

••• Despite persistent rumours that ’70s TV Wonder Woman Lynda Carter would cameo in the new Wonder Woman film (mainly, it seems, based on people really wanting it to happen rather than any facts) the actresses’s publicist has told The Washington Post that she isn’t involved. [via]

••• Hulu is in talks with Me And Earl And The Dying Girl director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon to develop a supernatural drama, described as “a fresh take” on superhero origin stories, called Citizen for the streaming service. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Citizen will “blend elements of magical realism and gritty vigilantism” in a “supernaturalised” Los Angeles.

Ghost in the Shell Arise (Mokoto)

••• The Hollywood live action adaptation of acclaimed anime Ghost In The Shell has moved from Disney to Paramount, reports Variety. Scarlett Johansson is currently attached to star (presumably as Major Motoko Kusanagi) with Snow White And The Huntsman helmer Rupert Sanders attached to direct. The film is currently scheduled for a 31 March 2017 release.





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