Gotham Creator On Mr Freeze And Hugo Strange

Mr Freeze 1

Mr Freeze

Two new villains for the second half of Gotham season two will have a profound effect on some existing characters and possibly the audience, Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller tells TV Guide. (No spoilers ahead for UK pace viewers.)

Mr Freeze, aka Victor Fries (Nathan Darrow) will have a multi-episode origin story, says Heller. “We’re taking it back to the roots of the origin story. It’s about him and his wife before he became a bad guy, how he became a bad guy. It’s very much a story of the heart rather than a story about technology and super-villainy. It’s a doomed romance. It will make people cry.”

The other main new villain is Hugo Strange, played by BD Wong. “He’s very much not a ‘Mwa-ha-ha!’ villain,” says Heller. “He is a man filled with the joys of science. He doesn’t think of himself in any way as a bad person. He is the essence of scientific progress and the joy of hope for the future that science promises. He shows us how even that sensibility can be warped into something evil if wrongly used.”

Heller adds that Penguin’s life will veer “off in a totally unexpected direction that we’re very excited about. Dr Hugo Strange has a profound effect on Penguin. He makes a new man of him in many ways.”


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