BUZZ News Shorts: Movie Hulk To Be More Chatty, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Twin Peaks & More


••• It seems like the Hulk could become a little more chatty in future Marvel movies, and while Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi says that it’s not a development that he was specifically pushing for, he’s quite happy if it happens. He tells HitFix: “It’s interesting, because at the moment, there’s a big conversation that’s happening about how far to push that… whether or not the Hulk should be [verbal/conscious]. I think a lot of those conversations have more to do with what’s going to come up in future movies. So I think a lot of those decisions are larger group decisions, rather than anything to do with just me or the writer. They have a lot of stuff that they have to consider. But I do think that’s the best way to track it. I think we all want that. I think we all want to see that development and the evolution of that character. I also think you can do it in a fun way.” [via ComicBookResources]


••• A huge amount of secrecy remains about the JJ Abrams-produced not-really-a-sequel 10 Cloverfield Lane (see here) and the actors in have clearly been told to keep things that way. But Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim Vs The World) has revealed one more crucial thing about the underground bunker-based movie in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: there are only three actors in it, for the most part. “There is this veil of secrecy to it from the very beginning. We were making this movie in this little bubble where nobody else knew what we were doing and there’s really only three actors in the whole thing, so it kind of felt like this really intimate experience. Now that it’s about to come out, it’s sort of crazy — like, ‘Oh yeah, people are excited to see this movie.’ I forgot that that was going to happen.”

••• Deadline is reporting that Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore are joining the cast of the new series of Twin Peaks in undisclosed roles, while writer/director David Lynch will also reprise his role as deaf FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole.


••• Josh Brolin has spoken a little bit to Superhero Hype about playing Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: “It’s not voice work, it’s mo-cap. I’m there. I’m there and I’m not in a booth. I’m being filmed. I have a bunch of crap on my face. [laughs] I’m being filmed by like thirty-four cameras? Thirty-six cameras? Something like that. Every movement, everything. So, it’s very new to me, it’s very exciting, it’s very unnerving. But I sure trust these guys! You know? We’re supposed to get together very soon to talk about the trajectory of Thanos in the next few years and it’s very exciting. It’s one of the better decisions I think I’ve made.” He’ll be a major villain in the two Infinity War films but expect to see him pop up in other Marvel films before that.

••• Disney has released some footage from the upcoming TRON RUN/r. It looks very pretty. But can we have a Tron 3 movie, please?



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