Johnny Depp To Star As The Invisible Man In Universal Monsters Shared Universe

Looks like Universal is thinking big with upcoming Universal Monsters shared universe. After securing Tom Cruise to kick off the universe in its reboot of The Mummy, the studio has now signed up Johnny Depp to appear* in a remake of The Invisible Man.

(*Insert “or not appear” gag here.)


The new film is based on the HG Wells novel that was famously adapted into the 1933 black-and-white classic starring Claude Rains as Griffin, the scientist who makes himself see-through in a process that also send him insane.

There is no director attached to this new version of The Invisible Man yet but The Hollywood Reporter claims that Ed Solomon (Men In Black and – appropriately – Now You See Me) will be havijg a first stab at the script. Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Spider-Man 2) and Chris Morgan (Fast And Furious 6 & 7, Wanted) are executive producers on the entire Universal Monsters shared universe project.

The Mummy will kick off the new cinematic universe in June 2017. Prisoners scribe Aaron Guzikowski is penning a reboot of The Wolfman. A release date of 30 March 2018 has been earmarked for a Universal Monsters film, but whether or not it will be The Invisible Man remains to be seen.


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