The Walking Dead Midseason Premier Spoiler-Free Preview


The Walking Dead season six returns to the UK on Monday next week (following its premier in the States the night before) with an episode rather gloomily titled, “No Way Out”. If you saw the midseason finale at the backend of last year you’ll know exactly what that refers to – Alexandria is suddenly very full of lots and lots of walkers, with Rick and co trying to creep through the hungry hordes to make an escape.

BUZZ has had a sneak preview of “No Way Out” and we can tell you – it’s good. Very good. You really don’t want to miss. Here are a few non-spoilery thoughts.

  • It’s an unashamed crowd-pleaser.
  • It has everything you watch you The Walking Dead for (unless you watch it for zombie sex scenes in which case, you’re weird) – it’s action packed, full of zombie kills and there are also many very effective character moments.
  • All your favourite characters get a hero moment.
  • A couple of characters who may not be your favourites yet say/do things that’ll raise them in your estimation.
  • The opening scene has a hell of an ending.
  • There’s one battle montage sequence – a very, very rapid one – that may go down as one of the show’s most iconic moments.
  • The “N” word is mentioned.
  • Something happens that will make comic fans happy. Sorta…
  • If this was a comic, there would be a lot of, “Meanwhile…” captions.
  • One sequence is so surreally-directed you half expect it to be a dream.
  • There are a surprising amount of one-line quips for this show, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t grim.
  • There’s a moment of self realisation for somebody major.
  • If feels like a season finale.
  • There’s a change of plan and a continuation of a plan.
  • Do humans die? Yeah, loads. Any of them have names we know? That would be telling. But at least nine will have major ramifications.

The Walking Dead season six part two begins airing in the UK on FOX on 15 February at 9pm.


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