Walking Dead Midseason Premier Is “Major Turning Point” Say Producers


Nothing is going to be the same again. The Walking Dead season six midseason premier this weekend is, “a very big turning point in the series,” creator/producer Robert Kirkman tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It will really set the stage for what’s going to come and the many seasons that will hopefully come after this.”

Kirkman also says that the episode, “No Way Out”, kicks off a half-season that’s a “transitional period for The Walking Dead” with a lot of “new elements” and “a lot of big changes”. Surprising, he also reveals that it marks a new period of optimism and hope. “I think at times, people would find that hard to believe, but after the midseason premiere, that’s a little more clear. I think more people will see the optimism that actually does exist at the core of the show.”

How that dovetails with the introduction of a new threats – such as the Wolves, and Negan and his followers the Saviors – isn’t something the producers are opening up about yet, though.

“We’re always trying to show that there’s a larger world out there,” says exec producer Greg Nicotero. “It’s not just about what’s inside the walls of Alexandria. What we’ve done in the first half of the season is show yes, it’s a larger world and there’s lot of threats out there — we had the Wolves and the walkers — and there’s a lot of unknowns out there… We’re now coming upon a group of people who are formidable [Negan and the Saviors] and somebody that Rick is not going to be able to take care of as easily as he did with the people at Grady Memorial, Terminus or the Governor’s group.”


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