14 Epic Sci Fi & Fantasy Screen Romances For Valentine’s Day


7 Sarah & Chuck

From: Chuck


Sarah: “Chuck, you’re a gift. You’re a gift I never dreamed I could want or need, and every day, I will show you that you’re a gift that I deserve. You make me the best person I could ever hope to be, and I want to spend and learn and love the rest of my life with you.”

Chuck was one of those rare shows that broke one of the fundamental rules of television: after a couple of season of will-they?/won’t they?… they did. Soon after that, they married. Usually this leads to a downward spiral in a show’s quality as one of the elements that made it fun in the first place is eliminated. But Chuck flourished. Yep the geek got together with the spy, and made lots of fan boys and fan girls very, very happy indeed.

The amazing thing was how convincingly Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski sold the relationship. It really should have been a hideous, unbelievable TV contrivance. There was no way a glamorous spy could fall for a videogame-loving Nerd Herder, surely? Yet, they made it seem so natural.


6 Jack & Ianto

From: Torchwood


Ianto: “A thousand years time, you won’t remember me.”
Jack: “Yes, I will. I promise I will.”

Jack was the immortal playboy. Ianto was the somewhat uptight Man Friday/tea boy/pizza gofer. They were an unlikely couple but Torchwood and a shared love of stopwatches as sex toys brought them together (not that they ever revealed what the stopwatch was actually for). The relationship was kept very much on the back burner for much of the show’s run but their relationship finally hit front and centre in the five-part mini series “Children Of Earth”. Which could only mean one thing: it was doomed. The alien 456 arrived on Earth and when Jack and Ianto tried to reason with them, the 456 killed them both. Jack, of course,  got better, but Ianto was gone forever.


5 Joan Redfern & John Smith

From: Doctor Who


John Smith: “I’m John Smith, that’s all I want to be. John Smith. With his life… and his job… and his love. Why can’t I be John Smith? Isn’t he a good man? Why can’t I stay?”

Forget the tenth Doctor and Rose. Or when he got the hots for Madame de Pompadour. Or his flirting with the TARDIS. The most memorable, tragic and emotional relationship the Doctor has had since he regenerated with a libido back in 2005 was with a nurse called Joan. He wasn’t quite himself at the time; because of Time Lord Technology he had forgotten all about his past life and was living as a teacher in a private school. The technology had also made him physiologically human as well, so only one heart. So when he fell for Joan, he had literally lost his heart. It was a relationship that was doomed as soon as his past caught up with him but for a moment he was given a glimpse of an alternate future where he grew old with one true love in simple bliss. Doctor Who at its tear-jerking best.



From: WALL-E



He was rugged, angular trash collector. She was the smooth and curvy droid. They weren’t made for each other but somehow their ports were compatible. And in their beautiful space ballet, Pixar created one of the most stunning visual metaphors for true love ever.

3 Tara & Willow

From: Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Tara: “I am, you know.”
Willow: “What?”
Tara: “Yours.”

Witches are doing it for themselves. The growing relationship between wiccans Willow and Tara during Buffy’s fourth season was one of the first lesbian relationships on TV that wasn’t played for sensationalist of titillation value. It was just sweet, and natural and real. By the time of the classic musical episode in season five, “Once More, With Feeling” Tara was totally smitten and the lyrics to “Under Your Spell” deliver one of the most wonderfully smutty love songs ever: “Lost in ecstasy, spread beneath my Willow tree”). Again, though, it was a doomed relationship, and while Tara’s death turned Willow all “evil-ly” (to use Buffy vernacular), it’s a kind of back-handed compliment about the depth of their love.


2 Amy & Rory

From: Doctor Who

Amy and Rory

Rory: “I waited. 2,000 years, I waited for you.”

He was boy who waited! Although there were times that Amy looked more interested in the Doctor than her gangly nurse, there was never any doubt that Amy and Rory were destined for each other. When they were growing up, even their own mother (though she was posing as Amy’s best friend at the time) seemed amused that Amy didn’t realise that Rory was besotted with her. Amy assumed he was gay. Hang on, does this mean River was actually trying to match make to make sure she was born? Freaky. After many years travelling with the Doctor they sacrificed their own futures to save the time line from the Angels with a defiant cry of, “Together not at all!” They didn’t die but were forced to live out their lives in the past, inside time bubble the TARDIS could not penetrate. But they were together, which for them was no doubt enough.


1 Aeryn & Crichton

From: Farscape

farscape_Aeryn_ Crichton

John: “There is no home. There is no wormhole. There’s only you. Aeryn, anywhere in the universe. You pick the planet.”

They started off on opposite side point guns at each other. Hell, even after they’d got together, there were still times they’d point guns at each other. Guns were a big thing in their life. And leather. While in some cases “opposites attract” holds true, not in this case. Aeryn and John would have been a gift for Match.com to pair up.

Farscape was a delightfully bat’s-arse series and so the course of true love was never going to run smooth for this pair. At one point John was split into two identical Johns and the one who had adventures with Aeryn was killed, meaning the remaining John had to start all over from square one. Then there was that time they were both killed and resurrected. And Aeyrn spent the final mini series going into battle heavily pregnant, going into labour at a crucial point. Shame we never got to see how the child of these two turned out.

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