Mantis & Kurt Russell Confirmed For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol2

To mark the fact that production on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 is now officially underway the film’s Twitter account has posted the first official promo photo from the upcoming sequel. It features the returning Guardians – Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and (aw!) Baby Groot – in an image that could be the cover of a ’70s rock album (obviously reflecting the whole mix-tape theme).

Not in the photo, however, in Mantis. Why should she be? Well, on his own Facebook account yesterday, director James Gunn confirmed a rumour that actress Pom Klementieff (whose casting was announced last October) will be playing the Marvel character Mantis in the film and that she’ll be a new member of the Guardians.

Created by Steve Englehart and Don Heck, Mantis first appeared in Avengers #112 in 1973. In the comics, Mantis is a half-Vietnamese, half-German woman who was raised by the Priests of Pama, a sect of the Kree who believe her to be the Celestial Madonna. She was martial arts and developed the ability to instinctively sense weak points in an opponent as well as superhuman strength. Most people remember her mainly, though, for her rather cute way of always referring to herself as “this one”. 

Since Gunn has previously stated that Peter Quill will remain the only true Earth-born human in the cast of the sequel, presumably Mantis’s origins will be changed. It’s not like the original didn’t massively reinvent cherished Marvel characters (cough – Drax) without fans getting in a tizz.

Meanwhile, an official press release announcing the start of production confirms another rumour: Kurt Russell (Escape From New York, The Hateful Eight) has been added to the cast, although there were no details of who’ll be playing (the smart money is on  Peter Quill’s dad).

“My favourite movie as a small child was The Strongest Man in the World,” says James Gunn referring to the 1975 live-action Disney film starring Russell, “so I’m glad to announce that, yes, Kurt Russell has joined our cast and, yes, he is more awesome a dude than I ever could have imagined,” Gunn wrote on Facebook.

Kurt Russell in Walt Disney's The Strongest Man in The World – a James Gunn fave, apparently.

Kurt Russell in Walt Disney’s The Strongest Man in The World – a James Gunn fave, apparently.


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