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Captain America Civil War freeman

••• Empire has a whole bunch of new pics from Captain America: Civil War, plus the news that Gwyneth Paltrow will make an appearance as Pepper Potts, having been part of the reshoots. Empire also reveals the name of the character being played by Martin Freeman: Everett Ross (no relation to General Thunderbolt Ross), who’s a member of the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre in the film.

Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War 3

••• Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the Justice League movie will begin filming on 11 April. “The idea that we could begin to boot up a Justice League concept was a cool thing,” says director Zack Snyder. “It was a little bit of an ‘about time’ moment, and I don’t blame [the studio] for feeling that way, because it’s a long time coming, but I do feel like it’s a little bit of a creative hurdle. It seems like an easy thing to do at first glance, the idea that, ‘Oh, we just get the rest of the superheroes in there.’ But you have to [establish] a world where they can exist.”

••• Harrison Ford previews Disney’s Star Wars Land attraction for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Special.

••• Angela Bassett has confirmed in an interview with Larry King that she will be back appearing in the sixth season of American Horror Story having already appeared as Marie Laveau/Voodoo Queen in “Coven”, Desiree Dupree in “Freak Show” and Ramona Royale in “Hotel”.  [via]

Neil Gaimans Likely Stories

••• Johnny Vegas has signed up to appear in Sky Arts’ forthcoming Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories, a four-part series based on short stories – all set in London – written by the gothtastic author and comic scribe. [via Den Of Geek]

••• Vin Deisel has been busy on social media again doing free marketing for xXx: The Return of Xander Cage (and shamelessly showing off at the same time… but you would, wouldn’t you, in the same position?). “As they say in action sports… You gotta hit it ’til you get it! Haha. Each of the action sequences takes its own training, but it’s all fun. Xander Zone!!!” he writes.

Xander cage bikes

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