Virtually Dead hits London in March

London is going to be Virtually Dead, unless you can stop the impending zombie virus… 

Virtually Dead, a pioneering immersive experience, invites members of the public to save a small town from a sinister zombie virus. Tickets are now on sale for the event, which will take place at a secret east London location for two weeks only.

Spanning over half a kilometre and boasting a cast of 23 actors, this large-scale production differs from other immersive theatre shows with its use of Vive, the new VR headset from HTC, which has already been awarded Gamescom’s 2015 Best Hardware Award, Popular Science Magazine’s 2015 Innovation of the Year Award, and The Verge’s CES 2016 Best VR Award.

Ticketholders will experience a post-apocalyptic world, interacting with the locals before commencing training with Vive. The headset’s forward facing camera not only allows for a complete 360-degree view, but also has capabilities for augmented reality, changing and shifting the very world in front of the user.

Virtually Dead HTC Vive zombie

To add to the excitement, Virtually Dead will include an opportunity to step into the upcoming, highly anticipated zombie shoot ’em up Arizona Sunshine from developers Vertigo Games. This brand new level has yet to be seen in Europe and promises a not-to-be-missed chance to get up close and personal with hordes of flesh eating undead.

“Imagine, one minute you’re inside a warehouse in London and the next, you’re in the middle of a desert in Arizona – the experience is hard to put into words. You won’t believe it until you try it,” says James, CMO at Noma Labs, which is producing the event.

This fusion of live performance and VR blurs the lines between what’s real and what’s not. Ticketholders will take on zombies without the safety or protection of their TV screens, resulting in a production that will leave attendees feeling shocked, inspired and wondering exactly what happened.

“For the first time ever, we are inviting people to go one step further than normal interactive theatre, allowing them to enter an immersive virtual reality experience like no other,” says Jon Goddard, head of European VR Marketing at HTC.

Hour-long shows will run between 19 March and 3 April 2016. Will you stop the zombie virus?

Ticket Details:
Price: £30 each
Buy single tickets or book in groups of up to 10
Event live dates: 19 March to 3 April 2016
Times: One-hour experiences run on weekday evenings and throughout weekends
Location: Secret location in East London, announced a week before the event to ticketholders.

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