Fox Wants More X-Files But It Could Take A While To Negotiate

While fan and critical reaction to the new series of The X-Files has been mixed (but much, much better than the reaction to the Heroes revival, to be fair), the viewing figures have been good on both sides of the Atlantic. So now its short run has finished in the States, the obvious question is, “Will there be more?” Series creator Chris Carter has told The Hollywood Reporter that Fox executives certainly want more but the problem will negotiating how and when to get it done. (Be warned: the Hollywood Reporter article has a big spoiler if you’re watching at UK pace.)

Together again

“They’re going to ask for more,” Carter says unequivocally about Fox’s plans for the show. “The ratings were very good. They were happy with the show. I talked to Dana Walden [co-chairman/CEO, Fox Television Group] today. She said they’d very much like more, but nothing’s being negotiated yet… It was casual. She said, ‘No pressure. We’d love to do this. We liked the way it worked out.’ So there’s an appetite for more in the future, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to get it done. The last negotiations took about five months, so it could be a while before we figure out how to do this.”

As for the two stars, he says, “I have been speaking with David pretty regularly. I think he’s game. I have spoken to Gillian less frequently, but I believe she would be game. So I’m just working around their busy schedules. They both have families. It’s another practical matter.”

He also hints that maybe a third movie would be the way to go (“I think there are a lot more X-Files to tell… I think it opens up both the TV and movie parts of the franchise”) but BUZZ would be less keen on that since a one-off would rob us of the “silly” episodes that often the best the show has to offer. Plus the other two movies weren’t very good.


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