New Penny Dreadful Season 3 Trailer Is Downright Freaky

Embrace your dark side, the new trailer for the gothtastic Penny Dreadful’s third season. Yeah, but our dark side is secretly binge-watching Mrs Brown’s Boys when we think nobody’s looking; we’ve got nothing on the classic literally monsters that populate this show. And there are more on way. Did we spot the show’s version of Mr Jekyll? The guy with the perpendicular hair? Meanwhile, Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) looks like he’s living out his cowboy fantasies, Vanessa (Eva Green) is having to get used to her new padded wallpaper and Ethan ( Josh Hartnett) is having that morning after feeling (not from alcohol, mind, just waking up with dog breath).

Oh, and there’s fencing. That never ends well in a dark fantasy.

Penny Dreadful season three starts airing in the UK on Sky Atlantic on 3 May.


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