Venom Movie Back On Track


Sony may not be in any rush to make another Fantastic Four movie but the studio has returned to an old idea to make sure it gets its money’s worth out of the Marvel characters it does own the rights to. Yes, a Venom movie is back in development.

Vemon is the alien symbiote that spent some time masquerading as a black version of Spider-Man’s costume, who was totally misused in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. The character is a huge fan favourite, though, and even back then there were plans to spin him off into his own movie. Those plans have been off-and-on ever since (with directors such as The Hunger Games’ Gary Ross and Fantastic Four’s Josh Trank attached at various times) and in 2013, just before Sony shelved the Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man franchise, the studio was planning a kind of “mini-shared universe” of Spidey spin-offs that would have included Venom and The Sinister Six (see here). That came to nothing but now the Vemom project is definitely back on again.

Sony has hired Dante Harper (who was amongst a number of writers to work on Edge Of Tomorrow) to pen a script for Venom, which is envisaged as a franchise and independent of the in-development Tom Holland Spider-Man movie. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are producing and overseeing the project.

Venom has been a villain, anti-hero and hero in the comics so there are various possible ways to take the movie. But how long before someone mentions “R-rated”? [via The Hollywood Reporter]


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