Agent Carter S02E08 “The Edge of Mystery” REVIEW

Marvel’s Agent Carter S02E08 “The Edge of Mystery” REVIEW

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stars 4.5

Airing in the UK on Fox TV, new episodes every Thursday
Writer: Brant Englestein
Director: Metin Hüseyin


Essential Plot Points:

  • Dr Wilkes is now in Whitney’s hands, but since she’s discovered that they’re both affected by Zero Matter all she wants is to work with him to discover the secrets of the mysterious force.
  • In order to get Wilkes back, Peggy and Sousa decide to confront Whitney’s former lover, and current gang leader, Joseph Manfredi to send a message to Whitney: we’ll give you the bombs if you give us Wilkes.
  • Meanwhile, on the order of Vernon Masters, Jack Thompson is trying to uncover some dirt on Peggy that will discredit her and ruin her career.
  • After last week’s run-in with Whitney, Ana is still in hospital. Jarvis is understandably distraught about the situation, but luckily Ana pulls through. That doesn’t mean Jarvis won’t make Whitney pay for what she did.
  • Once Peggy and Sousa successfully exchange Wilkes for fake bombs, they run away with him to only discover that he has gone over to their side and holds Peggy at gunpoint to find out where the bombs are.
  • After attaining the bombs successfully with the help of Vernon Masters, Whitney decides to open up the Zero Matter rift once more but things don’t go as planned.
  • Meanwhile, Peggy, with the help of Sousa, Thompson et al decide to use a gamma ray to stop her plan.

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After last week’s dark turn of events, Agent Carter decides to continue down this path in its latest, and most exciting episode yet. Saying that “The Edge Of Mystery” is one of the most thrilling episodes of the series when the show has yet to have a bad episode seems odd, but it’s true.

Ana is in the hospital after being shot by Whitney, Jarvis is set on making her pay, and Peggy is trying to exchange Wilkes for (fake) bombs — it’s safe to say that things are heating up.

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While the team is trying to find a way to get Wilkes back from Whitney and stop her from getting her hands on uranium, it is Jarvis and his relationship with Ana that steals the spotlight. The episode opens with a blast from the past, returning to the moment when Peggy called Jarvis to ask him how to diffuse the Nitramene bomb. This time, though, we get the chance to see the other side of the conversation and the interaction between Jarvis and Ana. It’s a nice way to introduce us to the couple when Peggy had just entered their lives, and it is great to see how supportive and understanding Ana is of Jarvis despite his best efforts to reassure her he won’t be any danger.

Of course, Jarvis wasn’t expecting it to be his wife that was put in danger as a result of his “adventures” with Peggy. The effect of this realisation is pretty devastating, and it is to James D’Arcy’s credit that he presents this pain so convincingly through his character. Jarvis is usually used for comic relief, but now we see him completely broken by recent events. Really, this has to be the best performances of the series because it is so moving. For Jarvis to then become hell-bent on making Whitney pay for what she did is another interesting development for the character. So far we have only seen the clumsy well-meaning Jarvis, and so for him to be driven to shoot a person at point-blank range shows the love he has for his wife.

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The other interesting development in this week’s episode is Dr Wilkes. After having been captured by Whitney, Wilkes is struggling to keep control of the Zero Matter that she keeps giving him so that he maintains a tangible state. Rather than resist it Whitney tells him to accept it, and slowly he does. What was interesting to see was Wilkes change sides, and join forces with Whitney to get Peggy to hand over the bombs. It was unexpected to see him raise a gun against Peggy, especially when he has been pining after her this entire time. At least it means he gets a lot more to do, which is a refreshing change after his character had become so stagnant recently.

Given where the characters end up as the episode closes, it seems that this series is set to go out with a bang. We can’t wait to see how it happens.


The Good:

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  • The flashback to Ana and Jarvis’s conversation was very sweet, and it was good to see how supportive Ana is of her husband’s escapades.
  • Equally, Jarvis’s devastation at his wife’s predicament was utterly compelling especially thanks to James D’Arcy’s incredible performance.
  • It was interesting to see Wilkes go to the dark side, an unexpected turn of events that has given his character something to do after spending so long stuck in Howard Stark’s lab.
  • As always, the comedy used in fight scenes works well, especially as Peggy and Sousa go all-out on Manfredi’s men.
  • “You don’t need to cut corners to get ahead. You’re better than that”
  • “Ah, such a pity. That two accomplished women should be standing on opposite sides.” “Yes, you’re such a staunch defender of the womanhood. I can tell by the way you shot an unarmed, innocent woman.”
  • “Do as Peggy says!”
  • “Who does Peggy have? Only you.”


The Bad:

  • Who in their right mind would let that lackey carry the Uranium rods? Had they not been fake everyone would have been dead, and the moment just seemed a little too cartoonish.


The Random:

  • So Howard Stark made the Gamma Ray gun. We’re sure one his son’s teammates wouldn’t be too happy to hear that.


Review by Roxy Simons

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