Robert Llewellyn & Danny John-Jules Interview: Singing And Red Dwarf XI & XII Snippets

“I can do a line from the new series,” teases Robert Llewellyn about the upcoming Red Dwarf XI and XII season on the BUZZ livestream stage at MCM Birmingham Comic Con, but he’s not giving much away. “Sir, quickly!” Danny John-Jules the admits there as least one, “Fish!” too.

While still massively embargoed from revealing too much the duo did say that there’s one set that they walked into and could not believe they were shooting a UK sitcom it was so impressive (apparently Sir David Jason was dead jealous). A “lot of extras and props… and a lot of cool costumes that we all wanted to wear all the time but weren’t allowed.” They also promise some, “really well known guest stars.” And apparently there’s a bit of singing and a bit of a “reprise” for Howard Goodall, the man who wrote “Tongue Tied” all those years ago.

And talking of reprises for “Tongue Tied” keep watching…




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