DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow S01E10 “Progeny” REVIEW

Legends Of Tomorrow S01E10 “Left Behind” REVIEW

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Airing in the UK on: Sky1, Thursdays, 8PM
Writers: Phil Klemmer, Marc Guggenheim
Director: David Geddes


Essential Plot Points:

  • The Legends reach 2147 in pursuit of Savage.
  • There they learn that he is a tutor to a young boy named Per Degaton who will eventually grow up and release a virus that will destroy most of the word’s population and make it all the easier for Savage to take over.
  • This sparks a debate among the team about the moral grey area of killing a child to prevent future devastation. The team compromises by deciding to kidnap Per and remove him from the timeline.
  • After kidnapping him, they check the timeline and find that it doesn’t stop Savage from taking over the world.
  • Rip tries to reason with Per in order to convince him not to let Savage brainwash him. But after letting him go, the team learns that their interference has only accelerated Savage’s rise to power and the release of the virus will happen in only a few days.
  • Another subplot shows Ray learning that the technology from his Atom suit has been used to develop evil policing robots that help conquer the world and his descendants helped found the company that created the technology. This leads Ray to conclude that the woman he was seeing prior to being pulled out of 2016 must have been pregnant but never told him. However, this plot line is quickly reversed when Ray learns that it is his brother’s descendants – not his – that perverted Ray’s technology for world domination.
  • An additional plot development is Mick being visited by various team members. This culminates in him resolving most of his issues with Snart. Mick then reveals that the Time Masters have a released a group known as the “Hunters”. The Hunters exist only to hunt the team down and kill them all, including Mick for failing in his own mission for the Time Masters.

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As Legends Of Tomorrow nears the end of its premiere season, it’s quite clear that the show has not only found its footing but has the makings to be truly great as it carries on into season two.

This episode has plot development for the main premise, addresses philosophical moral dilemmas, and boasts some well-executed action sequences interwoven with high-budget special effects. There’s also some truly magnificent scoring in the climactic moments, and even a bit of heart. Though this first season will have 16 episodes in total, all of the strengths of this episode make it feel like the prelude to a season finale rather than a mid season episode.

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The Good:

  • Arthur Darvill always thrives when Rip’s plot is particularly heavy. The moral conflict his character faces in this episode was well-acted: an interesting new take on the often-cited hypothetical moral dilemma about whether to kill Hitler as a child if the opportunity were presented. Even the scene where Rip is armed and approaching the subdued Per Degaton was made all the more suspenseful by the intensity of his performance.
  • Kendra’s flashback scenes at first glance could be seen as fluff material. But in actuality, they are important to the character development of Kendra and her bumpy journey into self-actualisation as a mystical Hawk Goddess. Though regaining memories of her past lives helps her to reach her full potential, they can also be a stressor. This well-rounded approach is the type of material she should always be given.
  • The fight sequence between the Legends and the opposition led by Per’s father and Savage was very exciting and visually spectacular. While the past large-scale fight sequences on the show have all been strong, the added element of Ray’s corrrupted technology added an fantastic futuristic sci-fi element.

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The Bad:

  • Vandal Savage still reads like a twirling-moustache caricature of villainy. It may come from the fact that little insight is given into his character and the examination of his plans for world domination are nearly entirely seen from the perspective of the heroes. As it stands, the character lacks dimension to match the level of understanding of motivation the other regularly seen characters are receiving.

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The Random:

  • Ray is a dad. Just kidding! The entire red herring plot surrounding Ray’s accidental baby read more like a haphazardly thrown-together attempt to even the playing field between Kendra and Ray being equal causes of relationships woes. Random, indeed.

Reviewed by Jenevia Kagawa Darcy


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