Director Josh Boone Reveals Line Up For X-Men New Mutants Movie

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Director Josh Boone has revealed via a series of pics on Instagram the line-up for the X-Men movie New Mutants.

They are (in order from left to right, top line first above): Warlock, a techno-organic being capable of changing size and shapes; Magik, sister of Colossus and a powerful sorceress who can teleport; Sunspot, who can absorb and channel solar radiation to both fly and create energy blasts; Cannonball, who can fly using propulsive energy; Dani Moonstar aka Cheyenne/Mirage, who can visualise other’s thoughts, especially their fears; and Wolfsbane, a Scottish werewolf.

Boone also hashtagged “#lockheed” in the Magik photo. Lockheed was the team’s miniature pet dragon whose tail you can just see in the Magik pic. Does that mean he’ll be in the film too?

It does mean that all the original New Mutants from the Marvel comics universe are in the film except Karma. No real problem, except that Karma was a South Vietnamese character, which, coming so soon after all the whitewashing claims about recasting as Asian character with a white actor in Doctor Strange could be seen as a little bit of a… sensitive issue. Although if the film retains all the ethnic origins of the characters from the comics then at least Sunspot (Brazillian), Dani Moonstar (native American) and Warlock (alien) provide a little diversity.

The New Mutants film is being described as the YA entry into the X-Men film franchise, which might seem a bit odd when the series has always featured young mutants and the school setting prominently. But presumably there’ll be lots of teenage angst and romance in New Mutants.


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