Directors Appear To Let Slip Captain Marvel Will Be In Avengers: Infinity Wars

Captain Marvel

Speaking at an event at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC yesterday, The Avengers: Infinity Wars directors Anthony and Joe Russo let slip that Captain Marvel, who’ll be the first female superhero to front her own solo Marvel movie in 2019, will appear in Infinity Wars.

They actually mentioned Captain Marvel by name when a fan quickly leapt in to ask. “Did you just confirm Captain Marvel?”  to which they replied, “Um… Captain Barvel. Totally different character.”

Captain Marvel’s film slots into the schedule between the release of the two Infinity Wars films, so it’s no great shock that she’d be appearing in Part 2, but the Russo’s backtracking suggests we might be seeing her in Part 1 too, making a debut appearance of some sort in the big crossover shenanigans. A case of the MCU actually trailing behind DC movie universe for once? [via]


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