Mysterious Girlfriend X Volume 1 MANGA REVIEW

Mysterious Girlfriend X 3

stars 4.5

CREDITS: Riichi Ueshiba
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We know love is blind and all that, but a gal with antisocial tendencies, addictive drool and whose hobby is “scissors” is perhaps not the most obvious girlfriend material. Still, that’s who Mysterious Girlfriend X’s male lead, 17-year-old student Akira Tsubaki, has fallen head-over-heels for.

The girl in question, transfer student Mikoto Urabe, is unsurprisingly considered a bit of a weirdo by her classmates. At the end of one school day, Akira finds Mikoto asleep in class, a puddle of drool collecting on her desk. He wakes her up, she leaves and Akira… decides to taste the drool? Well, okay then.

The following day he’s sick and the only way to cure him is for Mikoto to give him more drool – turns out the boy is well and truly hooked.

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From then on, Mikoto provides Akira more drool every day on the walk home from school. Naturally, this daily dose of spit sharing brings the two close together and they’re soon an item. There’s a couple of conditions Akira has to abide by – he mustn’t reveal the relationship to anyone else and he can’t touch or kiss her until the “appropriate time”. If he messes up… well, Mikoto keeps a pair of scissors tucked down her knickers and she’s not afraid to use them.

There’s so much to like about Mysterious Girlfriend X: the comedy, the weird premise, the artwork (check out the strange cityscape in Akira’s dreams!) and, especially, the series’ oddball characters. Mikoto must be one of manga’s most bizarre yet likeable heroines, while the drool-addicted Akira makes for a great straight man.

Review by Ian Wolf

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