Angel Beats Episode 14 Preview And… Pillow?

Angel Beats began Spring this year and received a mixed response from audiences internationally, but actually seemed to do pretty well in Japan.

Evidence of this can be seen in the past Blue Ray DVD charts in which Angel Beats on some weeks was the same level of sales with none other than K-ON!! In the sales charts. That is not an easy task given just how huge K-ON is over there. Originally written by Jud Maeda, who has worked with visual novel company KEY as a scenario writer for many of their games (Such as Kannon, Clannad and lastly Little Busters!) the Anime, set in a world the characters find themselves in after death, ran for a total of 13 episodes.

That is not including the special 14th unaired bonus episode to be released with the final DVD that will be coming out this December on the 22nd. What you may be more interested in is there will also be a special alternative ending for episode 13 included with all this. There and current no hints to what lies in the extra ending.

Another extra bonus for the fan of Angel Beats is the announcement of a new dakimakura (anime hugging pillow), that will feature a male character from Angel Beats!

Here’s hoping it’s TK.

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