Blade Kitten Review

Blade Kitten is the latest hit on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC from the creative director of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Steve Stamatiadis.

The game is loosely based around Steve’s webcomic of the same name. It follows the games protagonist Kit Ballard- a famous bounty hunter and pink haired cat girl as she chases down her quarry.

A simple 2.5D platformer/action-adventure, the game itself rarely poses any great challenge but is fun and silly and isn’t a bad way to spend an evening relaxing between “real gaming”.

Despite lacking in the complexity of some modern games, and sadly having some of the most laughable dialogue and voice acting that I’ve seen in a game for a very long time, Blade Kitten does provide a nice change of pace.

Flaws aside the game is a nice take on the old 2.5D platformer genre, with the sense to be able to make fun of itself at times. The cute art style will appeal to anime and manga fans, though for some it may be sickly sweet.

Though I originally had low expectations for the game (after reading reviews by others) I actually found the game enjoyable though incredibly cheesy. Perhaps due to my feeling of nostalgia for old style platformers, and bad dialogue but if you like old horror B-movies or are just a big anime fan you’ll probably enjoy this too.

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