Marvel Vs Capcom 3 DLC character voting commenced!

On the forums Capcom-Unity, the official Capcom forums voting has started on the new character DLC (DownLoadable Content) and fans can choose 3,4 or 5 recommendations for either Marvel or Capcom to come as DLC, the top suggestions will then be passed on to Seth Killian, who will ultimately decide the best DLC for the game.

The rules are as follows; (from Capcom Unity forums)

“THE THREADS WILL BE LOCKED DURING THE NIGHT. This is so we don’t risk people breaking the rules while the mods are asleep. There’s no specific time yet, but at about 10 PM PST is when the thread will close & about 8 AM PST is when it’ll open.

– YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE. We’re allowing everyone to voice their opinion equally.

– DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST. It’s frustrating when people are trying to tally up votes after someone edits their post, as the results might change due to someone changing your vote. Once you post it, your choices stay, so choose wisely.

– NO PICTURES. It just makes it harder to keep track of votes. Simply stating your character through text is fine.

– Don’t make alt. accounts. Not only an Unity rule in general, but making alt. accounts just to bump your votes is just unfair.

– You can vote for 3 characters minimum, & 5 characters max. Don’t vote for 1 or 2 or 8 characters. Only vote for 3, 4, or 5.

– Don’t vote for the same character multiple times. Don’t do something like “Cyclops, Cyclops, Juggernaut”.

– Please be specific as to who you want. If there’s multiple versions of a character, state which version you want. Don’t say “Someone from *name of series*”, as that’s not being specific as to who you want.

– Don’t request characters that’re based on real-life (living) people, though this rule mostly applies to the Capcom DLC thread.

– Don’t quote people. No discussions or comments, either, like with the Media Thread.

– If ANY of these rules are broken, your post will be deleted. If you realize the mistake you made, I’ll be nice & let you post again, should you follow the rules the next time you post.

– d3v & I will do our best to see if we can get these results to Seth Killian &/or Niitsuma-san, so it’s important that everyone follows the rules so they can see everyone’s option.


Looks like Capcom’s doing the ultimate fan-pandering for this game.  The fans will truly get what they want. With Seth Killian overseeing the votes, this looks like the fans will be happy with the other, inevitable DLC characters to come.

Here are the links to the threads where you can vote for your favourite characters to be entered into Marvel Vs Capcom 3!

Marvel Thread

Capcom Thread

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