Customs confiscate PS3’s

After Sony took LG to court in the USA last December over alleged patent infringements in their smartphones a civil court of justice in The Hague has ordered European customs officers to seize all shipments of Sony’s Playstation 3s for at least 10 days. This is the result of LG taking Sony to court over a patent conflict with the Blu-ray technology used in the popular gaming console. Tens of thousands of units have already been confiscated and with Sony importing around a 100,000 consoles a week many more are bound to follow.

Unless the 10-day injunction gets extended shops won’t be running out of PS3 units just yet. If you were waiting to get your hands on one of the new Killzone 3 bundles though you may just be out of luck though. the UK still has a stockpile of around 10.000 units, however, not all of those are the much sought after bundle. As most units sold are on pre-order they never make it to the warehouses.

With over 3 million PS3’s sold in the UK alone it could be quite a financial set back for Sony if LG’s alleged claims of patent infringement are found to be true. Although PS3’s have the advantage over Microsoft’s XBOX 360’s in that they are also a Blu-Ray player this lawsuit may show that Sony’s gamble of putting the latest optical disc technology in their console may not pay off after all.

Source: Guardian

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