Review: Toyfair New York 2011


Toyfair NY was a great show in New York. However while most people think that there was just the one show that took place in the Jacob Javits center, there was in fact two. The second show, a much more important one in my opinion, was also a somewhat exclusive show by Hasbro in the New York Times Building, located a mere 18 minutes away on foot as seen by this map, but more on this later.

Toyfair as a whole was pretty interesting, and had a lot of great things to see, some of which you can see some on my flickr (along with larger sizes). Unlike other show Toyfair was very quiet due to the fact that this was a business and press show.   Examples of some the great things on hand for the business and press alike ranged from LEGO Lightning McQueen from Cars or Captain Jack Sparrow merchandise.

As Toyfair is an industry/buyer/press show you get to see all these beautiful things and whilst there were a lot of cool and interesting toys, there were a few that I am not sure will work as toys. On the comics side for example, DC Comics had some unique collectibles. These included the terrific Ame-comi girls ( Of whom I got some nice reference shots for my cosplay friends), that included Big Barda . They also had plenty of super hero related collectibles based on characters such as Starfire, and perhaps some of the most exciting the Green Lantern collectibles/toys ( Including the new movie’s Lantern) and toys based on their Blackest Night story arc, all of which were very exciting.



Blackest Night

Meanwhile in the land of Kotobukiya, there were some really nice figures relating to both Marvel and DC, such as Ms. Marvel and Black Cat, Supergirl and a very revealing Catwoman and among the others some really interesting figurines such as Neon Genesis Evangelion‘s Rei and Asuka as ballerinas.

Ms. Marvel and Black Cat Supergirl and Catwoman Evangelion ballerinas

Speaking of  Japanese related properties and on show were some fantastic new ranges based on the likes of  One Piece, Gundam, Square Enix (and its licensed brands). Square Enix had a lot of great collectibles such as further additions to its’ Final Fantasy characters range, Ryu from Street Fighter, Halo, and many others.

Final Fantasy Square Enix Ryu Street Fighter Square Enix Halo Bluefin

Bluefin had some really cool products on show from One Piece including the actual Going Merry ship from the series and they also had on show some new Gundam related products too. These are definitely the kind of things that would make even the least devout otaku scream “I want!”

Going Merry Ace and others Gundam

Main show aside I got to have look at the previously mentioned second show that was dedicated to the mighty world of toy giants Hasbro!

In this show Hasbro has on display not only its latest and greatest in toys but they also brought in a few celebrities to help show them off to us. It has been a big year for Hasbro, they have created a very popular  television network known as The Hub, which a raft of great series (namely Transformers Prime and G.I. Joe Renegades) and they have also acquired several of the licenses for some the most popular movies this summer mainly Thor and Captain America (both from Marvel Comics).

To celebrate this they invited the stars of both movies Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Chris Evans (Captain America) to test out the toys (which of course was covered by and had the director of Transformers, Michael Bay, in attendance for all things Transformers.

These little things combined made the Hasbro event a much more interesting place to be, and as such explains why they were only doing private showings.

However unless you actually looked for this event, it was not obvious what Hasbro was planning and you might not have known they were even there, unless you either went into the New York Times Building or saw the life-size Optimus Prime semi parked for a limited time outside the building (which received a parking ticket from the New York Police Department, maybe because of the actions of Cliffjumper in Transformers: Prime [watch Transformers: Prime then this will make sense]).

This year it seems was Hasbro’s year, as they are making toys (across all their brands) that are great for the long time fans as well as the next generation.  As with each of these brands there is a story or a legacy that has a special meaning to all of the various generation of their consumers.  Hasbro in a bid to appeal to their multi generational audience is expanding these stories and legacies, and they are doing it in a way that appeals to almost everyone and by Aaron Archer’s beard I hope they continue this across everything from Arcee to Snake Eyes and Thor.

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