Five Things To Help Beat The Mid Week Blues

As we head into the dreaded mid week hump, we here at the MCM Buzz have put together a list of things to help put a smile on your face and help energise you for the remaining few days of the week.

1)      Fancy taking a trip inside Charlie Sheens head? Well with this soundboard (Thanks to you can annoy friends and co-workers with some classic Sheenisms from his recent outbursts.

2)      As a child you probably wondered what would happen if all the incarnations of the Power Rangers got together for one massive battle, well imagine no longer as in this clip from the Japanese series(All of the American Power Rangers series use footage from these series) Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger brings that dream to life! If you fancy testing your geekness, see how many different incarnations of the series you can name!

3)      Staying with the Power Rangers for a minute and this fantastic video from our friends at College Humor answers the age old Ranger related question, how does Zordon choose who gets to be what Ranger?

4)      Speaking of funny videos and College Humor, these two videos relating to two popular franchises, that of Star Wars and Angry Birds, should not only bring a smile to your face but in the case of the Angry Birds make you think.

5)      And finally something for the retro gamer in all of us in the form of Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks! This great collection of music tracks is what happens when a group of fans and musicians get together and remix some of the music used in the games that make up the Pokémon franchise. This complete set of tracks is available to download on mp3 free from here and if you fancy taking a look  at some of the other video games remixes (Including tracks from The Final Fantasy Games, Double Dragon, The Zelda and Mario games too) members of the site have done then you can do by visiting here
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