Becoming Human to air on BBC Three

Becoming Human

The BBC’s extremely popular supernatural drama, Being Human saw the simultaneous release of an online spinoff alongside its third series. Since its release, the spinoff titled “Becoming Human” has attracted thousands of fans who naturally found their way onto the website after the parent show had aired. With each episode of Being Human being broadcast on BBC Three at 9PM, Becoming Human found its way onto the BBC website at 10pm each day as promised. Digital viewers could also watch the spin off by pressing their red button whilst on the BBC Three channel after the parent show had aired.

Becoming Human consists of 8 parts, with each part being about 6 minutes in length on average. Part 7 of the series is due to become available online at 10pm next Sunday, the 13th of March.
Due to the show’s immense popularity, the BBC have now confirmed that the series will be aired on BBC3 with all 8 parts being transmitted together to form a 50 minute compilation.

Becoming Human actor, Craig Roberts has previously expressed interest in continuing to play the character of Adam if the series gained a good reaction from fans.
Speaking of Becoming Human, the creator of both series, Toby Whithouse said, “We were delighted when Becoming Human found such a loyal and enthusiastic audience online,” he then went on to say “The reaction was beyond our most optimistic dreams. And so for the BBC to give us this opportunity to share the show with a wider audience is fantastic news.”

The air date for Becoming Human on BBC3 is the 20th of March – a week after theBeing Human series 3 finale.

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