Earthquake hits Japan’s tech industry

A major earthquake and a tsunami hit Japan hard this morning. Nuclear power plants and oil refineries are  reported to be on fire and the damage caused by 10 meter (33 feet) high waves to the northern coastal regions is said to be enormous. With many millions in damages, tens of thousand of people effectively homeless, many thousand injured and hundreds of people reported dead and many more still missing our latest tech, anime & cosplay goodies do not seem all that important in comparison. But as the major news outlets are already covering the human aspect of this tragedy we at MCM Buzz figured we’d focus on something that in the big scheme really doesn’t matter much – How will this effect my [insert Japanese tech here].

With our gadgets containing tech that becoming ever smaller these marvels of modern engineering are produced on machines that work within the smallest of tolerances. Some of these machines are calibrated to the nanometer and factories are fitted with special tremble free floors and clean rooms which literally cost billions of pounds. As you probably can imagine being shaken about by an earthquake of this magnitude and the resulting power outages and damages to the structure aren’t exactly beneficial to their flawless operation.

So far Sony has reported it shutdown 6 of its plants. In some of these plants Sony produced Blu-Ray discs, the magnetic heads used in hard disks and batteries. Toyota has stopped production in 3 factories and has reported damages in a 4th. Epson, Sharp, Honda, Nissan & Panasonic are still investigating the damages to their facilities and Canon has reported it suffered no damage which would impact on production.

In unrelated news there is still a little silver lining for Sony. Their 300.000+ PS3s which were seized over a patent dispute with LG have now been released and should be on their way to European stores as we speak.

Source: Bloomberg, InsideGamer

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