Epic adds DX11 to Unreal Dev Kit

At the Games Developers Conference held last week Epic presented a brand new Unreal Engine 3 real-time demonstration entitled “Samaritan,” which leverages DirectX 11 support, high-end rendering features, NVIDIA APEX physics technology and other engine upgrades.

The tech demo shows the main character morphing from a human into a a robot / machine using dynamic tesselation and displacement. Sub surface scattering, advanced shading & reflections and a depth of field effects with realistic bokeh are also shown. If that sounds a bit too technical it all boils down to – OMG That looks awesome!

In an interview with 1up Mark Rein, vice president of Epic, said that they might turn the tech demo into a game.

“I’m not going to deny that that’s possible, but at the same time, if we hadn’t had built that technology demo, then we wouldn’t have been able to build Gears of War. It’s like, once we build a technology demo and learn how to do things a certain way, it then enables us to do more of that. So I don’t want to deny that such a scenario is possible, but it’s not currently [happening].
Remember we built a demo many years before that which was a “high end Unreal Engine 2 demo” where we had a character rip the arm off another character and beat him with it? That content ended up appearing as some sort of extra free content for Unreal Tournament, but it wasn’t an actual game we were building at the time.”

All these new technical additions are now available in the March build of the Unreal Development Kit which can be downloaded free of charge at UDK.

Source: 1up, udk

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