The Smurfs Trailer is Smurfing Smurf

In the never ending trend of rehashing childhood cartoons and turning them into big CGI spectacles filled with pop culture references and toilet humour (see Yogi Bear for a disastrous recent example), Sony Pictures and Raja Gosnell (Scooby-Doo) now brings us the long awaited big screen version of The Smurfs. Yes that’s right, the happy little blue creatures who replaced every verb and adjective with the word “Smurf” are back (so much for those of us that hoped they died out with other childhood dreams) but this time they are in New York for a whole new adventure. A new trailer was released today, initially playing up the idea that it is an alien invasion movie but then soon cuts to CGI Smurfs causing havoc in an apartment that belongs to none other than Neil Patrick Harris (our live action lead). The trailer can be found at Yahoo.

Joining Harris in the live action roles is the talented Jamaya Mays (Glee) as a love interest and the always funny Hank Azaria (Mystery Men) as the villainous Gargamel (a role that John Lithgow was born to play but Azaria looks quite good in his make-up). The voice cast has assembled “talents” such as Katy Perry as Smurfette (now without a southern accent), Fred Armisen as Brainy Smurf (a role that was once rumoured to go to Quentin Tarantino, which would have made this move a lot more interesting), Alan Cumming as a new Smurf created especially for the movie, Gutsy Smurf (a sort of Scottish stereotype, because we all thought The Smurfs was lacking one of those) and returning to the role from the original cartoon is Jonathan Winters as the voice of Papa Smurf. Of course in the TV show The Smurfs lived in an enchanted forrest, so bringing them to New York is clearly the way the producers have decided to make the series new and hip again, sadly the laugh free trailer looks about as hip as… well, the original series.

Of course, we don’t know what to expect until the movie actually comes out but with the track record of these types of movies, Raja Gosnell’s previous work (which includes Home Alone 3 and Big Momma’s House) and the fact that it is The Smurfs, don’t hold your breath, but the live action cast does offer a chance of hope, especially Azaria who single handedly made Night at the Museum 2 a funny movie. The film opens on August 3rd in the UK (a pretty empty weekend at the box office so it looks set to clean up), and is the first in a planned trilogy, so get ready everyone because the little blue guys are smurfin’ back and they look like they intend to stay.

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