Help Donate to Japan’s Save The Children With Farmville

Zynga (The company responsible for Facebook games Farmville and Frontierville) has partnered with Save the Children to help raise money for Save the Children in Japan. The company have provided their players the opportunity to donate in game by using the in-game purchase options for certain limited edition and specially created goods (Such as a Kobe cows).  The company is also allowing players to donate via the Zbar, which is found at the top of the screen or if you do not play any of their games, the company is offering a direct link to a donate page on their website.

“It’s inspiring to see the Zynga teams spontaneously take action to partner with our game players worldwide to help Japan,” ZyngaCEO Mark Pincus commented, when speaking of the project that has raised over $1million in about 36 hours.

In addition to this Facebook is also donating  all of the Facebook credits purchased in this way to support the fundraising efforts.

A run down of how players can donate across the various Zynga products can be found below and there are plans to release further items in the coming days:

Café World: Players cans place Japanese inspired decorations in their Café to benefit the initiative.

CityVille: Citizens can plant a limited edition sweet potato crop to feed their population and stock their restaurants.

FrontierVille: Players can buy a limited edition Kobe cow to place in their frontier.

FarmVille: Farmers can plant a limited edition daikon radish crop that never withers.

Words With Friends: Players can donate directly by clicking on a Save the Children button inside the game.

YoVille: Players can purchase homes and furniture inspired by Japanese architecture and design.

Zynga Poker: Fans going for a royal flush can donate by purchasing access to a VIP table.

zBar: Players can donate directly by clicking on a Save the Children button inside the bar that sits across the top of their game on Facebook.

You can find out more and donate directly by visiting here.

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