Rubber: A film about a Killer tyre?


Rubber - Movie Poster

Meet Robert a tyre with big ambitions. A film by Director Quentin Dupieux Rubber seems to be plucked right out of The Twilight Zone. The films synopsis sums it up as the story of a tyre, named Robert, abandoned in the desert that suddenly for unbeknownst reasons comes to life. However that’s not the end of it Robert also discovers he has the ability to telepathically kill anything he desires without even moving. Starting off small he wanders the barren landscape killing small creatures, birds etc until finally he turns his psychic rampage onto people!

Ok so maybe not the most heart stopping terrifying horror release this year but however for what it lacks in fear factor it make up tenfold in originality and surrealism. Written and directed by Dupieux aka French Techno musician Mr. Oizo, Rubber thrives on being ultimately pointless, a movie made for the sake of just making a movie. First previewed back at the Cannes film festival in 2010 Rubber initially received predominantly negative reviews critics calling it ‘one of the most bizarre experiments in the genre in quite some time’ most of the audiences grievances seemed to be with the films length. At 1 hour 25 minutes it is relatively short for a feature film however with such an abstract concept, low budget and endless desert landscape It is easy to see why some people could feel it wearing thin. Later in that year, once the film hit the indie festivals, it gained quite a following and was in fact celebrated for its production value especially the sound track. The Huffington Post called it ‘an uber-cerebral spoof that is at once silly and smart, populist like a mildly trashy B-movie yet high brow like absurdist theater’.

With its April first release date in the US there was heavy speculation that the film would be revealed to be some elaborate hoax however no such announcement has been made and it is set to hit cinemas this side of the pond April 8th. Critics are truly split on Rubber unable to determine if it is the work of a genius or a mad man, one thing that can be said for certain is that Rubber is a film that has to be seen to be believed.

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