Warriors: Legends Of Troy Review

Warriors: Legends of Troy is published by Tecmo Koei Canada, the flagship western subsidiary of Japanese studio Tecmo Koei, who produce the acclaimed Dynasty Warriors series. However Tecmo Koei Canada shakes the usual Dynasty Warriors formula up in new, effective ways for the franchise. 

The game is based around the famous Trojan war, which lasted decades over an extremely complicated romantic mix up, the use of this famous story is quite solid. You take control of characters from both warring factions of the Trojans and Greeks. Giving you a unique perspective of the entire war. It’s a classic choice which gives you freedom to a wide range of environments perfect for the Dynasty Warriors formula.

The Dynasty Warriors franchise is familiar to me , and the controls are the same to most action titles, with the Square button for light attacks and Triangle for heavy attacks. There is also an additional Musou (or Special) Button alongside the standard dodge and defend buttons. So basically your normal Dynasty Warriors fare that is simple and predominantly used for mowing down a mass of people at once. Tecmo Koei Canada shakes this up by adding an almost rhythmic combo system into the fray, by timing attacks correctly your combos increase in damage with every hit. This addition seems like an essential update to the Dynasty Warriors series, as it seems like a very logical step forward and works extremely well.

When you strike and the attack links, you earn more Kleos to level up your character after each mission, essentially making these experience points. You puchase rings and amulets that fit into a Resident Evil 4 Inventory esque grid. Limiting the amount of amulets and rings you can have in your grid.

The core gameplay structure is formed of  multiple chapters divided into missions with one single objective. However within these missions are side objectives for which snag you additional Kleos. I usually found that these sub objectives popped up at the corner of the screen and were extremely easy to miss, while you can rack up Kleos for doing this, I found that the difference was not at all substantial and I in fact ended up skipping most of these side missions with next to no effect on gameplay.

The context of the story provides a varied amount of environments in the game, with you battling though beaches, expansive fields and cities. The lighting engine is spot on and textures look fantastic, unfortunately this cannot be said for the camera, which if you do not lock on to an enemy, to put it simply, it goes crazy during combat. And if you do lock on, the enemy gets sliced away fairly quickly. I was extremely dissappointed by this as it seems like a massive step back from the fantastic cameras of Dynasty warriors Gundam 2 and Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage.


To conclude, Warriors Legends of Troy is a fine stepping point for Tecmo Koei Canada, they clearly display a talent and passion for making video games, however Legends of Troy still has many little flaws and jarring character animations that take a lot away from the game. In particular I was disappointed by the game’s camera as I mentioned before. I’m neither impressed or disappointed by Warriors : Legends of Troy. It’s a very fun game with lots of promise and can be expanded upon greatly. I do indeed hope that the Warriors franchise continues to take on many more aspects of different cultures. Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors and now Warriors: Legends of Troy are all great games, I feel if Tecmo Koei Canada gain more experience, their games could be as good as the Omega Force’s titles.

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