Green Lantern revelations from WonderCon

ryan reynolds and blake lively from The Green Lantern

WITH the latest trailer from Green Lantern having received a warm reception from fans, the stars of the film – Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively – have made some revelatory remarks regarding the movie.

During a Q&A at WonderCon in San Fransisco, Movieline revealed Lively – who plays Carol Ferris – sgot the part following her star-turn as the drug-addled Krista Coughlin in The Town.

She said: “It was really nice for me that this was a studio that wasn’t looking for some girl to have her legs greased up and her boobs out, and that’s all that mattered.

“They saw a character — a pain-addled, drug-addicted drug mule from Boston — and said, ‘Oh, we want her to be the female face of our next franchise film!'”

And good news for Warner Bros. is that their new footage from the film was given a positive reception – thanks in part to the new tone involved, making it seem somewhat darker.

Elsewhere, it was also said that director Martin Campbell was so committed to getting all the aesthetics of the film correct that he had Lively test 14 different shades of brunette in a bid to get Ferris’ hair right.

And Lively was also quick to state she is keen to make the transition from Ferris to Star Sapphire so she can “kick Reynolds’ ass…” however she has been kept in the dark by the bigwigs at WB.

Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern energy suit

While Lively wants to hand Reynolds his ass to him, the man with the charm, one-liners and THAT green energy suit revealed took part in gymnastics training to prepare him for the role of Hal Jordan.

He added that Green Lantern spends half the time of the film on earth – this despite the fact the footage from the trailer shows him on Oa and in space. But Reynolds also admitted that he wouldn’t be averse to exploring the dark side of Hal before possibly passing the Green Lantern torch on to someone new: “Guy Gardner or John Stewart or something…”

Going off on a tangent, Reynolds revealed he was still interested in doing a stand-alone Deadpool movie, but insisted it would have to be a hard-R rating.

There was also confirmation from Geoff Johns, who backed up Warner Bros’ president Jeff Robinov‘s announcement that a Justice League film is in the works, but was unable to elaborate.

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