WWE Star Edge, Retires Before His Time!

In news that has left many who in work in the wrestling business and those who are fans of it speechless, WWE Superstar and current World Heavyweight champion, Edge, has announced his retirement due to injury.

Edge, real name Adam Copeland, broke the news live to the world on this past Mondays WWE flagship show, Raw. The segment itself was teased all night by the shows announcing team and so many would have been forgiven for believing that it was all part of an elaborate WWE storyline but alas it is not and it is in fact part of the reality of this brutal business.

Many who do not follow the world of wrestling will find that last bit of description to be somewhat exaggerated but let me assure you it is not. What we see on our screens each week many assume to be fake and choreographed and in some cases it is planned out, but I ask you, how do you fake being slammed by another person on to the floor. True, there may be a way to land so as to minimise the impact and damage it may cause but at the end of the day the company line to fans of “Don’t try this at home” is there for a reason.  Many also dispute these talented individuals being called “Athletes” and this again I find to be completely floored as they train hard to stay in shape and compete night in and night out in front of fans throughout the world.

In terms of Edge/Copeland and his retirement, during his now what is sure to be long remembered retirement speech, he references a neck injury he suffered several years ago (2003) the result of which left him suffering a condition known as Neuropraxia and the recent degradation of the condition to the point of him suffering immense pain and numbness (Other effects of this condition include trembling of the arms). So much so that despite a recent MRI giving him the all clear, the WWE itself asked him to take further tests and it was following these that doctors broke the news to him that he would never be able to wrestle again. So, facing the choice of ignoring the advice and if so be guaranteed to suffer some form of  paralysis or even death, he decided to retire now and leave the business he loved on top and with his head held high.

Whilst many have questioned when Edge/Copeland first found out this news and if the WWE knew before their recent annual spectacular Wrestlemania, in which he successfully retained the World Heavyweight championship, then why did they not have him his lose the title. A clue to this answer could be found in the commentary for this match, when one of the commentators is heard to say that finally Edge manages to leave the event with the championship he came in with. Whilst this is only speculation on this writer’s part, it would seem as if the WWE wanted to have this long serving employee and to some a friend, leave his last Wrestlemania and match on a high note.

Since announcing his retirement, tributes have made by those all over the wrestling world, each of which showing the respect and in some case love his peers and fellow wrestlers have for him. Perhaps though, the most poignant one comes from his long time friend and tag team partner Christian, a man who has worked his way through the ranks of the WWE alongside Copeland since they first joined the WWE together in 1996.  He tweeted shortly after the event, “I’ve shed my tears..And from here on out I choose 2celebrate 1 of the greatest careers in WWE history..Can’t wait2 induct you in the HOF.” The WWE have also since released footage (See below) of another tribute made after the show ended in which after a post show match, fellow WWE star John Cena, calls for fans to give Copeland one last standing ovation and then leaves the microphone symbolically in the centre of ring to pick up the thunderous response.

Whilst little is known about what Copeland plans to do next it would be a shame, in this writer’s opinion, for the WWE not to have him involved in some way in the business that Copeland describes as being his lifelong obsession.

Also being a lifelong WWE fan and having the opportunity to watch Copeland throughout his career, I would like to thank him for the memories and for his devotion to providing great entertainment to the fans and I wish him all the best in whatever he chooses to do next and I have no doubt that whatever he chooses to do, The Rated R Superstar will reign supreme in that too.

Sources: WWE.com (Images also appear courtesy of WWE.com), WWE Monday Night Raw is live on Sky Sports 3 Mondays and on USA Network in USA Mondays 9/8CT

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