Batman Live Cast announced


For some time now Gotham’s caped crusader’s adventures have slowly been taking shape in the form of a stage play. The play will focus on the introduction of Dick Grayson (AKA Robin) and his transformation into the Batman’s loyal sidekick. The play is set to feature a host of familiar Bat villains including The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Two-Face and Catwoman.
Part of the stage itself is Gotham city and the play will utilise the latest in technology in the form of Pyrotechnics and special stage effects. The play will be touring across the UK starting July 19th and will be hitting North America in 2012.

The cast list itself is as follows;
Batman / Bruce Wayne – Nick Court and Sam Heughan
Robin / Dick Grayson – Kamran Darabi-Ford and Michael Pickering
The Joker – Mark Frost
Commissioner Gordon/ The Penguin – Alex Giannini
Catwoman / Martha Wayne – Emma Clifford
Alfred Pennyworth – John Conroy
Harley Quinn / Mary Grayson – Poppy Tierney
Two Face / Ringmaster – Garry Lake
Tony Zucco – Jack Walker
Dr. Wayne – Darrell Brockis

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