Doctor Who opening episode breakdowns

Doctor Who opening

With the return of our favourite Time Lord drawing ever closer, the BBC have been keen to keep the hype train rolling and have done so by sharing some details about the opening two-parter.

Episode 1 – Titled “The Improssible Astronaught” and epsiode 2 – titled “Day of the moon” both promise to be brilliant pieces of television thanks to the Tardis team making their way to Utah for the filming, according to Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) , the opening 2 episodes are a huge production featuring swooping shots from helicopters and other such grandeur not usually seen in the British sci-fi. Each of the opening episodes has been penned by the show’s head writer, Steven Moffat.

The breakdowns for each episode can be found on the BBC’s Doctor Who website here, and if that’s not enough to excite you for the new series beginning on the 23rd of April, we’ve also posted 2 clips from “The Impossible Astronaught” below for your viewing pleasure. Geronimo!

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