Sony ceases production of PSPgo

Sony has announced that they have stopped production and shipment of the PSPgo.

The news originally stemmed from a Sony shop employee in Japan, who posted online that production of the console is to be halted and that they won’t be receiving any more stock. Sony made an official announcement themselves through the Japanese site AV Watch. Though the PSPgo has been removed from the Japanese Sony Style games page, it’s still listed on Sony’s UK page, but who knows how long it’ll be there for.

High street retailers HMV and GAME have reduced the PSPgo down to £129.99. If it’s out of stock, then don’t expect them to be getting anymore any time soon. MVC contacted an unnamed UK retailer, who revealed that, “once current PSPgo stock is sold we will not be receiving replenishments.”

Essentially a PSP with the UMD function removed, Sony’s experiment restricted consumers into downloading their games from the Playstation Store. However, Sony had the audacity to charge more for the PSPgo. Launched in the UK and US back in October 2009, it retailed at £225 and $249 respectively. Sony cut the price of the console back in October 2010, but this was too little too late. It lasted just over 18 months.

Sony are now pressing ahead with their follow up, the touchscreen Next Generation Portable (NGP), releasing the following statement:

It is a very exciting time for Playstation portable devices. Before the end of the year we are launching NGP, our next generation portable device, which we believe will revolutionise portable gaming.

If you happen to own a PSPgo yourself, then feel free to tell us your thoughts about this.

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