The Best Of The Web Easter Edition!

With Easter weekend almost upon us, we here at The Buzz thought that we would bring you some cool, fun and frankly amazing bits we found on the internet this week to get you in the holiday mood.

First up is Marvels own take on Angry Birds using a certain hammer wielding Norse god! Click Here to play

Next up and with very little on TV this weekend except for perhaps the new series of Doctor Who,  here is just a few fun videos to help you pass the time:

First up is proof that even little girls want to join the Dark Side!

Not got any plans this Easter holiday weekend? Then this next video will help you solve that problem by helping you to build you very own Legend Of Zelda treasure chest including sound effects! Click here for full instructions.

Following on from our story earlier in the week, our last two videos are dedicated to the world of Mortal Kombat and in particular what happens when other well known video game characters audition for the game and also a look at some of the fatalities that never quite made it in to the game.

In the final part of our round up we take  a look at some of the best images from the web that we found this week:

Doctor Who Peanuts By Apelad












Hit Girl Joins The Scooby Gang! Orignal size Here








A very Pokemon way to I do! Click Here For Full Size Image

















Our last picture is off a set of nesting dolls that is sure to be on every Anime fan and Geeks shopping list! Click here for the official site!

Well that is all for this special round up and do not forget to add your comments below, especially if you think there is a video, story or piece of art we should add!

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