Nintendo 3DS Price Cut

It’s only been out for around a month and already the Nintendo 3DS has seen a price cut.

Having initially sold the console at £196.99, GAME and HMV are now selling it for £179.99 in their high street stores, a saving of £17. For GAME this offer is only available in store, while HMV are selling it for a penny more online. If you are under house arrest, then you might be better off purchasing from online retailer Amazon, who are currently selling the handheld for £174.99!

This appears to be limited sale timed for the Easter holidays, so if you’ve been waiting for a price drop then now might be a good time to pick one up. However I wouldn’t be too surprised if it drops to this price again, or even further, in the coming months.

The 3DS sold 113,000 units during its UK launch weekend. By no means a bad number, but after many predicted it to sell out, there were still plenty available to buy. It’s believed that health scare stories, boosted by an article in The Sun, may have contributed to the recent dwindling sales. Maybe parents are waiting till Christmas, though it’s also possible that gamers are holding out for a killer app. Could The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D be the one?

At under £180, will you be buying a Nintendo 3DS this Easter? Or would you rather spend that on Easter eggs instead?

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